DeepCon 19 schedule

This month, I’m one of the Guest of Honour at Deepcon 19 in Fiuggi, Italy. Here’s my schedule:

Friday, 20 April, 16:30
The fantastic of Claude Lalumière, from weird to SF. Moderator Francesco Verso

Saturday, 21 April, 15-17
Master of SF writing workshop

Saturday, 21 April, 17:30
Meeting with the Guests of Honour Richard Larson and Claude Lalumière. Moderator Francesco Verso

Sunday, 22 April, 10-12
Master of SF writing workshop

Future Fiction 56: Altre persone / Other Persons

My fifth book — Altre persone / Other Persons, the 56th volume from Italian publisher Future Fiction — is now available in both paperback and ebook. It’s a bilingual edition collecting three of my stories in both the original English and in Italian translation by Fiorella Moscatello.

  • “Maxim Fujiyama and Other Persons” / “Maxim Fujiyama e altre persone”
  • “This Is the Ice Age” / “Questa è l’era glaciale”
  • “The Ethical Treatment of Meat” / “Il trattamento etico della carne”

Fire contents

Here’s the full table of contents for Fire: Demons, Dragons and Djinn, an anthology edited by Rhonda Parrish, to be released this summer by Tyche Books, and containing my new story, “A Girl, Ablaze with Life”

“Magnesium Bright” by Lizbeth Ashton
“Bait” by Krista D. Ball
“Strange Attractor” by Kevin Cockle
“The Midwife and the Phoenix” by J.G. Formato
“The Djinni and the Accountant” by Hal J. Friesen
“Midnight Man versus Frankie Flame” by Chadwick Ginther
“Cold Comfort” by Gabrielle Harbowy
“Aitvaras” by R.W. Hodgson
“The Hatchling” by K.T. Ivanrest
“She Alone” by Blake Jessop
“A Girl, Ablaze with Life” by Claude Lalumière
“Old Flames” by V. F. LeSann
“Light My Fire” by Susan MacGregor
“Double or Nothing” by Mara Malins
“Aladdin’s Laugh” by Damascus Mincemeyer
“Cilantro” by Annie Neugebauer
“Breath of the Caldera” by Wendy Nikel
“Phoenix Rising” by Heather M. O’Connor
“Ring of Fire” by JB Riley
“Permanence” by Dusty Thorne
“The Second Great Fire” by Laura VanArendonk Baugh