Boréal 2018

My schedule for Boréal 2018, being held 4-6 May, at the Montreal Masonic Memorial Temple:

Saturday, 5 May

11:00, Magellan 2
Readings: Claude Lalumière & Alexandra Renwick

13:30, Andromède
Rétro-futur, steampunk, pulp et autres emprunts au passé
Josée Lepire (A), Frédérick Durand, Cédric Ferrand, Claude Lalumière, Christian Sauvé.

15:30, Magellan 2
Worlds out of Words
Jo Walton (A), Derek Künsken Claude Lalumière, Alexandra Renwick

Sunday, 6 May

13:30, Magellan 2
One Way Influence
Jo Walton (A), Marie Bilodeau, Claude Lalumière, Sylvain Neuvel, Alexandra Renwick


DeepCon 19 schedule

This month, I’m one of the Guest of Honour at Deepcon 19 in Fiuggi, Italy. Here’s my schedule:

Friday, 20 April, 16:30
The fantastic of Claude Lalumière, from weird to SF. Moderator Francesco Verso

Saturday, 21 April, 15-17
Master of SF writing workshop

Saturday, 21 April, 17:30
Meeting with the Guests of Honour Richard Larson and Claude Lalumière. Moderator Francesco Verso

Sunday, 22 April, 10-12
Master of SF writing workshop

Future Fiction 56: Altre persone / Other Persons

My fifth book — Altre persone / Other Persons, the 56th volume from Italian publisher Future Fiction — is now available in both paperback and ebook. It’s a bilingual edition collecting three of my stories in both the original English and in Italian translation by Fiorella Moscatello.

  • “Maxim Fujiyama and Other Persons” / “Maxim Fujiyama e altre persone”
  • “This Is the Ice Age” / “Questa è l’era glaciale”
  • “The Ethical Treatment of Meat” / “Il trattamento etico della carne”