ArmadilloCon 39 programming

Here is my schedule for ArmadilloCon 39 in Austin, TX, for the weekend of 4-6 August:

Friday, 4 August, 9 am – 4:30 pm : Instructor, Writing Workshop

Saturday, 5 August, 2-2:30 pm, Conference Center: Reading (from Venera Dreams: A Weird Entertaintment)

Saturday, 5 August, 5-6 pm, dealers’ Room: Signing

Saturday, 5 August, 8-10 pm, Ballroom F: Fiction for Empathy (panel)

Sunday, 6 August,  1-2 pm,  Southpark A: The New Golden Age (panel)

Sunday, 6 August,  2-3 pm,  Southpark A: Writing for Anthologies (panel, moderator)


Solaris 203

Maintenant disponible: Solaris #203  (été 2017) — on y trouve « Notre amour », une traduction de ma nouvelle « Our Love » par Pascale Raud avec une illustration signée Marc Pageau.

Other Persons at Future Fiction

In 2018 Future Fiction will be publishing a bilingual mini-collection of three of my stories stories in both the original English and in Italian translation by Fiorella Moscatello. Other Persons / Le Altre persone will contain: “The Ethical Treatment of Meat”; “Maxim Fujiyama and Other Persons; “This Is the Ice Age.”