The Exclusive Dark Fantasy and SF Bundle

In support of authors affected by the recent CZP scandal and implosion, Jason Chen of StoryBundle and Douglas Smith have put together The Exclusive Dark Fantasy and SF Bundle, which will be available only for the next three weeks. My two (former) CZP titles — Objects of Worship and The Door to Lost Pages — are now otherwise out of print, and they’re both in this bundle. Also included are titles by Derryl Murphy, Chadwick Ginther, Paul Di Filippo, Nick Mamatas, Tone Milazzo, Matt Moore, and Douglas Smith. Details at StoryBundle.

Robot 89

Robot #89 is now available from Delos Digital; it includes “I figli di Hochelaga” – Marco Crosa’s Italian translation of my 2007 Montreal superhero story, “Hochelaga and Sons.”