Avatars of Adventure

Avatars of Adventure is a comics work-in-progress of thirteen episodes in which I collaborate with various cartoonists to tell one short iconic adventure of thirteen different archetypes of adventure hero fiction. This is a slow-burning project that will only be published once everything is completed. In the meantime, here’s a preview of what’s to come in Avatars of Adventure. (Some images are not yet in their final form.)

1. The Adept of Arcana

with Bernie Mireault & Rupert Bottenberg

2. The Answer Man

with Rupert Bottenberg

3. The Aztec Eagle

with Ernest Hogan

4. Atlantis Rex

with Bernie Mireault (preview forthcoming)

5. The Artful Archer

collaborator info forthcoming

6. The Academic of Archeology

collaborator info forthcoming

7. The Action Anomalies

collaborator info forthcoming

8. The Animal Amazon

with Zandra Renwick (preview forthcoming)

9. The Analyst of Crime

collaborator info forthcoming

10. The Anachronaut

collaborator info forthcoming

11. The Admiral of the Air

with Bernie Mireault

12. Adam Alien

with Carle Bacha

13. The Apprentices of Justice

collaborator info forthcoming