Barcelona Tales: cover and contents

Cover and full ToC for Barcelona Tales (NewCon Press), edited by Ian Whates, and launching at Eurocon 2016 in Barcelona (I’ll be attending the launch)

1. The Translator – Lisa Tuttle
2. Secret Stories of Doors – Sofia Rhei
3. Catacomb Saints – Dave Hutchinson
4. A Tale of No City – Rodolfo Martínez
5. The Ravisher, The Thief – Marian Womack
6. Himmler in the Barcelona Hallucination Cell – Ian Watson
7. Dark Pages – Ian Whates
8. Children of the Black Lady – Virginia Pérez de La Puente
9. Equi Maledicti – Sarah Singleton
10. The Dance of the Hippacotara – Claude Lalumière
11. There Will Be Demons – Alberto M. Caliani
12. What Hungers in the Dark – Aliette de Bodard
13. Barcelona/My Love – Elia Barceló


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