Super Cool Color-Injected Turbo Adventure from Hell

1988’s THE JAM: SUPER COOL COLOR-INJECTED TURBO ADVENTURE FROM HELL by the genius cartoonist Bernie Mireault is my all-time fave single comics issue, so it was a tremendous honour for me when Bernie asked me to both contribute to and edit THE JAM: SUPER COOL COLOR-INJECTED TURBO ADVENTURE FROM HELL #2 (About Comics 2022). Ordering info (and more) in the link. The new SUPER COOL is packed with new and rare material, including a new collaboration between me & Bernie, “Avatars of Adventure: The Adept of Arcana,” and an expanded comics version of the very first prose JAM story (the original prose version originally appeared in Superhero Universe: Tesseracts Nineteen, which I co-edited with Mark Shainblum).

Chronache della Seconda Guerra Globale

With the release of Spie della Seconda Guerra Globale, the entire seven-episode cycle of Chronicles of the Second Global War (Chronache della Seconda Guerra Globale) has now appeared in Italian, as translated by Chiara Beltrami, in four ebooks from Delos Digital, each volume with a kick-ass cover by the awesome Franco Brambilla. This fourth and final volume includes “Preludio a Bisanzio” (“Prelude to Byzantium,” which appeared at Three-Lobed Burning Eye magazine in English), “Il Golem dai mille volti” (“The Golem with a Thousand Faces,” which was written for A.D. Lobel & Mark Shainblum’s Other Covenants anthology, a project orphaned by the CZP implosion, so this is this episode’s first appearance in any language), and the concluding episode, “Brandelli di una spia distrutta” (“Fragments of a Shattered Spy” – which makes its debut here in any language)

Some Vernon Tevis Problems

Recent and forthcoming episodes in The Problems of Vernon Tevis:

  • “Falling and Catching” (Rock and a Hard Place #5, winter/spring 2021): Vernon Tevis confronts someone from his secret past
  • “Null and Void” (Femmes Fatales, Mango 2022, edited by Maxim Jakubowski; forthcoming): Vernon Tevis pursues an AWOL prostitute from Ottawa to a Toronto house party
  • “Viktoria’s Loyalty” (Rock and a Hard Place, forthcoming): During an investigation in Budapest, Vernon Tevis runs afoul of the Hungarian government