Some Vernon Tevis Problems

Recent and forthcoming episodes in The Problems of Vernon Tevis:

  • “Falling and Catching” (Rock and a Hard Place #5, winter/spring 2021): Vernon Tevis confronts someone from his secret past
  • “Null and Void” (Femmes Fatales, Mango 2022, edited by Maxim Jakubowski; forthcoming): Vernon Tevis pursues an AWOL prostitute from Ottawa to a Toronto house party
  • “Viktoria’s Loyalty” (Rock and a Hard Place, forthcoming): During an investigation in Budapest, Vernon Tevis runs afoul of the Hungarian government

Treason and Diplomacy

Now available: Tradimento e diplomazia (Robotica #89, Delos Digital 2021). This is the third volume in the Italian serialization of Chronicles of the Second Global War, translated into Italian by Chiara Beltrami. Volume 3 contains episodes 3 & 4, “Winters in the White Cities” (appearing here for the first time as “Gli Inverni nelle cità blanche”) and “The Treaty of Empress Park (“Il Trattato di Empress Park”), which originally appeared in 49th Parallels (Bundoran 2017),