Stranimondi schedule

My schedule at Stranimondi 2019 in Milan, where I will be presenting Sognando Venera (Watson Edizioni), the Italian translation of Venera Dreams: A Weird Entertainment.

Saturday, 12 October 2019

11:00-11:30, Sala presentazione

  • Nuovo fantasy italiano: tutto un mondo da riscoprire (Watson Edizioni) — Watson Edizioni presents its new titles and authors, including a presentation of Sognando Venera

15:00-16:00, Sala incontri

  • Incontro con Anders Fager e Claude Lalumière: Anders Fager & I are interviewed by Andrea Vaccaro, publisher of Hypnos

16:00-16:30, Salone

  • autograph session


World Science Fiction #1

Francesco Verso of Future Fiction has assembled the anthology World Science Fiction #1: Visions to Preserve the Biodiversity of the Future. The book is launching at Worldcon Dublin 2019, on Sarturday, 17 August, 12:30-13:30, Warehouse 2 (WH2), first floor, Point Square. The anthology reprints my 2002 story “The Ethical Treatment of Meat”, and I’ll be there for the launch in Dublin.