Nocturnes / Lost Myths

La Bière éternelle

La Bière éternelle

With the January 2003 publication of “Nocturnes: A Triptych,” which comprised three short tales (“The Secret Seduction of the Subtle Serpent”; “The Triumph of the Autosomes”; “The Return of the Low Bunnies”), I started to explore a mode of storytelling that I describe as nocturnes and that eventually evolved, in my work, into a series of microfictions that I dubbed Lost Myths. As of 2007, I began performing a rotating set of these Lost Myths at various venues; in 2010-11, I performed a dozen multimedia iterations (with music and a slideshow) of the growing Lost Myths set list. Starting in 2014, I resumed a stripped-down version of the performance, highlighting the Lost Myths that were collected in the Nocturnes section of my collection Nocturnes and Other Nocturnes.

Nocturnes / Lost Myths have appeared as follows:

  • “Nocturnes: A Triptych”: Fiction Inferno #2:006 (January 2003)
  • “Someone to Watch”: Twilight Tales, June 2003
  • “Anew Day” (original version): Twilight Tales, June 2003
  • “Anew Day” (revised  version): The Virtuous Medlar Circle, January 2006
  • “The Four Elements”: Reflection’s Edge #16 (April 2006)
  • “The Beginning of Time”: Reflection’s Edge #27 (August 2007)
  • “Odd Jack, King of Monsters”: Lone Star Stories #23 (October 2007)
  • “The Four Elements”: The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica 7 (Robinson 2008), edited by Maxim Jakubowski
  • “A Bingo Moose Adventure”: Qwrite, vol. 10, no. 2 (February 2008)
  • “A Rumbling Deep in the Bowels of the World”: Reflection’s Edge #37 (August 2008)
  • “The Cornucopia of Dionysus”: Reflection’s Edge #38 (September 2008)
  • “What to Do with the Dead”: Shimmer #10 (March 2009)
  • “The People of the Islands”: podcast at the Shimmer website (June 2009)
  • 101 Lost Myths serialized at, April 2010-December 2012
  • set of 16 Lost Myths postcards (September 2010)
  • Agents of M.Y.T.H. (chapbook; Expozine 2010)
  • “Fuel for the Dark Dreams of Yamesh-Lot”: prologue, The Door to Lost Pages (CZP 2011)
  • Manit and the Nightmares (chapbook; Lost Myths 2011)
  • “In the House of Houses”: Chiaroscuro #49 (October 2011)
  • La Bière éternelle (2012 film by Ian Cameron, adapting “The Cornucopia of Dionysus”)
  • 13 Lost Myths comprise the Nocturnes section of Nocturnes and Other Nocturnes (Infinity Plus 2013)
  • The Serbian-language Četiri elementa: Zemlja (Nephesh), an audio-video verion of my story “Earth (Nephesh)”
  • In Serbian translation, in the Trinaest Izgubljenih Mitova section of Nokturni (the Serbian edition of Nocturnes and Other Nocturnes)
  • “The Dance of the Hippacotora” in the original English and in Spanish translation by Arrate Hidalgo “El baile de la Hipacotora”: Fae Visions of the Mediterranean (Future Fire 2016), edited by Valeria Vitale & Djibril al-Ayad
  • “The Dance of the Hippacotora”: Barcelona Tales (NewCon Press 2016), edited by Ian Whates

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