“Buffet libre” — Aurora Carrillo’s Spanish translation of my story “All You Can Eat, All the Time” — online at Libridinosum

La Puerta de Páginas Perdidas (Ediciones Dokusou 2019) is the Spanish edition of my 2011 mosaic The Door to Lost Pages (CZP); translation by Aurora Carrillo

Nocturnos. Historias de sexo y muerte (Ediciones Dokusou 2018)  is the Spanish edition of my 2013 collection Nocturnes and Other Nocturnes (Infinity Plus); translation by Aurora Carrillo

Fae Visions of the Mediterranean“The Dance of the Hippacotora” is translated into Spanish by Arrate Hidalgo as “El baile de la Hipacotora” in the multilingual anthology Fae Visions of the Mediterranean (Future Fire 2016), edited by Valeria Vitale & Djibril al-Ayad.

Páginas PerdidasI wrote the introduction for the Spanish edition of Paul Di Filippo’s collection Lost Pages, published in Spain as Páginas Perdidas (Grupo Editorial Ajec 2004). The original English-language text to my piece appeared  as “Paul Di Filippo’s Lost Pages: An Introduction” in The New York Review of Science Fiction #189 (May 2004).