Chronicles of the Second Global War

Chronicles of the Second Global War is an alternate-history espionage serial. The time is now, but history evolved differently than in the world we know, and the geopolitical map is, while peppered with familiar cities, substantially altered. Each self-contained new episode will feature different characters, and each will be in a different location (or locations).

  • episode 1 — “The Patchwork Procedure” (Beneath Ceaseless Skies #206): takes place in: La Nouvelle France Indépendante, and its capital Québec; the New World territories of the Eternal Chinese Empire; and the Islands of Metropolitan Montreal
  • episode 2 — “The Utopian Front”: takes place in the twin cities of Köln (Northern Reich) and Cologne (Utopia of France) and in Firenze; forthcoming in Stupefying Stories
  • episode 3 — [tba]
  • episode 4 — “The Treaty of Empress Park”: set in Toronto — (49th Parallels, Bundoran Press 2017, edited by Hayden Trenholm)
  • episode 5 — [tba]
  • episode 6 — “The Golem with a Thousand Faces” (Other Covenants: Alternate Histories of the Jewish Peoples, CZP 2020 — forthcoming): set en route to and in Jerusalem, with flashbacks in Firenze

More episodes are in the works. Check this space for updates on Chronicles of the Second Global War.