Venera Dreams: A Weird Entertainment – reviews

a Great Books Marquee selection of The Word on the Street Toronto 2017


  • “Lushly gorgeous …  shockingly clever and startlingly gorgeous.” —Publishers Weekly starred review
  • “A carnal carnival ride … visceral, intense, and tinged with melancholy … erotically charged.” —New Books Network
  • “Great fun, full of joy and mischief … explodes with an intensity of eroticism … a sensual, visceral secret history … masterful and subtle.” —
  • “Brilliant stuff. Lovely, sensuous, funny, and deeply weird.” —Corey Redekop, author of Shelf Monkey
  • “Quite beautifully written … it had a very dreamy quality.” —Silvia Kay Books
  • “Insanely brilliant … wildly entertaining.” —Barnes & Noble Book Club
  • “Filled with blunt, carnal imagery and a moist, pulsing energy … with unique characters.” —Tangent Online
  • “A complex hallucinatory interweaving of influences.” —RoverArts
  • “Bizarre, fascinating, hilarious.” —The Portal / The World SF Blog
  • “Raw emotions … intimate.” —Nicky Drayden, author of The Prey of Gods
  • “Sublime against a backdrop of fashionable European decadence.” —Pointless Philosophical Asides
  • “Sophisticated cosmic horror … so unique and enjoyable.” —Dead End Follies
  • “Full of quiet menace and unsettling sensuality.”  —The Future Fire
  • “Sensual and ribald.” —True Review