The Problems of Vernon Tevis

The Problems of Vernon Tevis is a series of globetrotting noir stories about a fixer for an international prostitution ring headquartered in Montreal.

  • “You Never Love Once” (Licence Expired: The Unauthorized James Bond, ChiDunnit 2015, edited by Madeline Ashby & David Nickle): Vernon Tevis confronts a retired British secret agent in Jamaica
  • “The Fixer, the Cop, His Ex, and Her Killer” (Baby, It’s Cold Outside, Coffin Hop Press 2018, edited by Robert Bose & Sarah L. Johnson): During a winter blizzard in Montreal, Vernon Tevis hunts a prostitute killer
  • “Off the Road” (Rock and a Hard Place #3, spring/summer 2020): Vernon Tevis goes on a road trip with two working girls
  • “Falling and Catching” (Rock and a Hard Place #5, winter/spring 2021): Vernon Tevis confronts someone from his secret past
  • “Null and Void” (Femmes Fatales, Mango 2022, edited by Maxim Jakubowski; forthcoming): Vernon Tevis pursues an AWOL prostitute from Ottawa to a Toronto house party
  • “Viktoria’s Loyalty” (Rock and a Hard Place, forthcoming): During an investigation in Budapest, Vernon Tevis runs afoul of the Hungarian government

Several more episodes in The Problems of Vernon Tevis are on the way (watch this space for details). Eventually, there will be a book’s worth of Vernon Tevis’s noir adventures.