The Problems of Vernon Tevis

The Problems of Vernon Tevis is a series of globetrotting noir stories about a fixer for an international prostitution ring headquartered in Montreal.

  • “You Never Love Once” (Licence Expired: The Unauthorized James Bond, ChiDunnit 2015, edited by Madeline Ashby & David Nickle): Vernon Tevis confronts a retired British secret agent in Jamaica
  • “The Fixer, the Cop, His Ex, and Her Killer” (Baby, It’s Cold Outside, Coffin Hop Press 2018, edited by Robert Bose & Sarah L. Johnson): During a winter blizzard in Montreal, Vernon Tevis hunts a prostitute killer
  • “Off the Road” (Rock and a Hard Place #3, spring/summer 2020): Vernon Tevis goes on a road trip with two working girls
  • “Falling and Catching” (Rock and a Hard Place #5, winter/spring 2021): Vernon Tevis confronts someone from his secret past
  • “Viktoria’s Loyalty” (Rock and a Hard Place #6, summer 2021): During an investigation in Budapest, Vernon Tevis runs afoul of the Hungarian government
  • “Null and Void” (The Book of Extraordinary Femme Fatale Stories, Mango 2022, edited by Maxim Jakubowski): Vernon Tevis pursues an AWOL prostitute from Ottawa to a Toronto house party

Several more episodes in The Problems of Vernon Tevis are on the way (watch this space for details). Eventually, there will be a book’s worth of Vernon Tevis’s noir adventures.